10 June 2013


Hey guys, it's been a while since I've written on my blog. Okay, more than a while. Let's just say that life has gotten ahead of me for the last little while. There are a lot of big things coming, but I can only tell you about a few.

For those of you that don't know, Pocketful of Pain is being published as a collection of novellas. Part one, Adrianna, is available for purchase through Amazon as well as online at Chapter One - a book store I'm working very closely with. ;)

As for what's NEW new, I've finally got my butt in gear and started the writing process with Tailslide. And, just because I'm evil and keniving and love spoiling my followers -  or torturing them, it really all depends on how you see it -  I'm letting you have a sneak peak at chapter one of Tailslide. Seeing as how I'm not done editing Hard Bank Left, you're just going to suffer and writhe with all your horrid questions! Muahahaha! xD


From now on, every Friday is going to be Fan Art Friday. So, for those of my friends and colleagues that want to do some fan art, feel free to email it to me. And I will select the best ones and post them here! I'll even throw in a few of my pieces for your enjoyment. I can't guarantee that mine will be very good - I'm still getting the hang of my tablet.

See you all on Wednesday!

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