16 July 2012

A special surprise

Okay, so Hard Bank Left isn't my only project in the Shadow Cast realm. I have another story, one that prefaces Hard Bank Left but doesn't give anything away.

The story is staring one Maria Leraunt, a ballerina dancing in the Paris Opera during the German occupation of France. If you love vampires, you won't be disappointed. Though, I doubt you've seen anything like these.

06 July 2012


So, for those of you that have been following for a while (which means, people that have read this in the last... month?) I have finally opened a tumblr account so that I can stash all of the pictures I've been posting without cluttering up the story area! And, seeing as how the story was the original point behind this entire blog, I think it'll help smooth thing up quite a bit.

Also, I have started working on a wikia. Hopefully it won't be total crap. It seems like fun, besides I'll be able to flush things out and explain a bit and possibly get feedback. However, be warned, the wikia is going to have spoilers. So, if you're interested in keeping the story a secret and guessing as you go, avoid looking up plot type things.

The sites are up!

Shadow Cast Wikia

Shadow Cast Tumblr

Oh! and if you're wondering what the crap is Shadow Cast? Muahaha, the world may never know! XD