12 June 2013

A little tastey treat off the top of my head: Enjoy!

 Lovely artwork by an inspiration of mine: Brian Kisinger

Ebony Kitredge wasn't much of a one to waste her time with frivolous things, things like "flying safely in low altitude", or things like "not blowing up the next thing that comes around the corner", you know, the little useless things. Her flight crew didn't much agree on these obviously meaningless points. She was getting an ear full of just how much they didn't agree with her over her lavishly comfortable head phones. She would deal with them later. After all, she was too busy not bothering with frivolous things like "flying safely in low altitude" and "not blowing up the next thing that comes around the corner". Of course, if you had just stolen the prototype of the hyper-light, missile class airship - which the dolts that invented it had the nerve to call 'Heliosphere' when it so very much deserved a more threatening name like 'The Black Arrow' or something cool like that... If you had just stolen a ship even half as awe-strikingly fantastic as that, you probably wouldn't care for such frivolous things either.

 Darn it! Now I want to write an entire short story based off this character! Curse you Brian Kisinger!!! lol

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