23 August 2013

Fan Art Friday

Sooo... my effort to gain more followers and get more fan art was a total fail. No responses. I'm just going to have to try this again in a few months. No biggie.

But in the meantime, this leaves me with slim to no pics to share with you. I've been super busy doing edits so that for the up and coming printing in the Book-it! magazine. But, I suppose I can come up with something. Let me see... ah! Here is some art I've been admiring lately. Some inspirations for Target Lost, my webisode series leading up to Tailslide. (forgive me if I've shared these before)

Introducing Nannette!




aaaand more Maggie. I seriously love Maggie.


  1. Hi, this is your cousin-in-law. I'm not receiving very many of your posts anymore so I've added your blog to follow. I can't write to save my life, but I do love your contest ideas. I'll try to get my husband involved. He's the writer in the family. Can't wait to get the magazine. I'll have to figure out how to subscribe. Karin Jenkins

    1. Hey Karin, this is my private blog - the one for my writing alter ego. But you can find the Chapter One blog here: http://bookitnews.blogspot.com/
      And the forum where all the writing competitions are here: http://ch1creates.forumotion.com/login

      Thanks for following me here though! Extra fans are always welcome.